50 Anecdotes To Get To Know Me Better

1) I am an Aquarius, which matters to me because I’m the kind of person who likes to catagorise human behaviour based on personality types.

2) I really liked Star Wars when I was a kid because it was a way to bond with my dad. It was also my first introduction to Sci Fi and I like sci fi a lot.

3) I completely dropped my fascination with Star Wars when I discovered Harry Potter. I became so obsessed with Harry Potter that I had a trunk set up just in case Hogwarts was real.

4) I always wanted to wear glasses growing up but I didn’t need them until I was 14 years old and I didn’t need to wear them all the time until I was about 18.

5) My first celebrity crushes weren’t on popular attractive men of the time but on comedians. When asked about who I found attractive I was embarrassed and said Heath Ledger because I had heard Mum say he had nice shoulders.

6) I have loved South Park since I was 8 years old. I don’t like toilet humour at all but I find political satire and dark humour to be interesting.

7) I would never miss the Simpsons growing up. Another activity I shared with my Dad when he would get home from work. The divorce really deeply affected me because I was a daddy’s girl up to that point. I continued to watch the Simpsons without him.

8) I loved video games growing up, especially ones with role playing aspects. I also loved books where I could pick a path and board games with intensive story lines.

9) I didn’t sleep well as a kid and found that doing rosaries or praying over and over helped. I had a lot of anxiety and channelled it into the routine and basic rules of religion.

10) I was often put in to gifted classes. I was in gifted art classes as a kid and selected for extra curricular opportunities. I was smart but I also had to put a lot of effort in and I did so to get approval from my parents and teachers.

11) I’ve always been clumsy and uncoordinated but I tried to participate in sports and dancing on several occasions growing up.

12) I have been fascinated by medicine, childbirth, and pregnancy since I was 5 years old. I would read anything about pregnancy or babies. I guess you could say I’ve been casually studying as hobby for almost two decades.

13) I used to wish I had an older brother so I didn’t have to go to school alone and so he could defend me when I got picked on. Really I just wanted a close relationship with my sibling and couldn’t imagine ever being close with my younger sister at the time. Sometimes I resented the pressure of being the oldest.

14) When I was around 11 my dad wanted to move to Scotland and he sat me down and asked if I would move with him. I didn’t want to leave mum and he didn’t want to leave without us so he stayed in Australia. My sister would have gone because she was a really young and obsessed with the Loch Ness monster.

15) For a few months when I was growing up we didn’t own a tv. Our washing machine broke really often. And mum forced us to drink Soy milk.

16) I loved scaring my sister when we were little so I would devise different ways to trick her or jump out at her. This got me in trouble a lot.

17) For almost a decade I thought I would never get married or have kids. I was determined to move to the city, be successful and independent. I pictured myself thin and good looking like all the successful women on tv. I wanted to be strong and in charge.

18) Wearing boots makes me feel confident. Especially my steel caps.

19) When I walk backstage I have to stop myself from crying with joy. Every time.

20) My family has a history of not knowing what kind of gifts I wanted. On more than two occasions I was given the same gift from multiple family members for the same birthday.

21) I loved the concept of spies. I had this book from my parents that was a spy guide written for kids. Ever since I’ve really wanted a jacket with pockets hidden inside. My sister later became even more obsessed with forensics and everyone forgot that I was ever interested.

22) I liked anime in my teens. Again everyone forgot about this when my sister started liking it too and got much more invested than I was.

23) I got over my intense fear of fire by lighting incense. My room constantly smelled of incense. Side note: This was also around the time I was obsessed with Daughter by Pearl Jam and would listen to it on repeat in a dark room full of incense like the strangest ten year old ever.

24) When we moved once I left notes in the door stops as a time capsule. I can’t remember what most of them said but I do remember listing the name of the prime minister at the time.

25) There are very few people I still talk to from highschool. I have lost contact with a few people I actually cared about. I think about all them all the time.

26) I love seahorses because they suck at being fish. I also love meerkats because they’re paranoid. Basically any animal that’s just a complete hot mess.

27) I love stationary. Always have, always will. I once spent over $100 in OfficeWorks on sharpies. I miss getting new pens and pencils for school. Fresh notebooks are life.

28) I’ve always wanted long hair but I’ve never been able to grow my hair out enough. Even as a child. I have had a pixie cut or a bob for most of my life.

29) I’ve always felt weirdly connected to Greece and Malta but not Italy. Maybe it’s an ancestry thing but I don’t know.

30) French is my favourite language.

31) Italian food is my favourite kind of food

32) I love good calamari and crave fish all the time but I don’t like prawns or shellfish.

33) I used to get jealous of people who got nose bleeds in class and wished I would get one. Proving once again I was a strange kid.

34) The first time I felt connected to other women as a woman was the time I got my period and bled onto my dress in biology class. Some of the other girls helped me. It triggered a change in my perspective. I argued with other girls a lot in high school but that was the most supportive interaction I had that entire time.

35) The relationships I’ve had with the men in my life: my father, grandfathers, stepdad, uncles, friends, and especially boyfriends… have had the greatest amount of impact on my identity today in both negative and positive ways.

36) I have always been mocked for my strong beliefs… as early as 4 years old I’ve been arguing for equality and peace, and I’ve been laughed at.

37) I’ve always wished I could skate and play several instruments but I’ve failed miserably which is probably why I find those skills so impressive and attractive in others.

38) I hope my descendants will care enough to find me on their family tree the way I’ve found my ancestors. I don’t ever want to be forgotten.

39) I’ve spent my life scared of everything. Even from a really young age. I once wrote a list of my fears and triggers. That list is now about a quarter of what it was and that doesn’t ever get acknowledged.

40) I have a lot of regret about our wedding day but I’m so glad we got married. I just wish the day had worked out as we had planned it.

41) I miss my tree house. My mum built me one as a kid but the real estate made us remove it from the tree of the property we were renting.

42) I love rain and wind. Even though I grew up terrified of storms I have some great memories from my childhood of bunkering down. I was also irrationally scared of tornados for a lot of years.

43) I watched the Wizard of Oz at bible study enough times to become fixated.

44) I thought I hated musicals until I worked on one. I avoided musicals growing up. When mum watched them I would roll my eyes and leave the room. I found them annoying and boring. Watching Grease for the first time changed my mind a little but working on my first show changed everything.

45) I worked hard to become good at communicating because I feel an intense need to be understood. I often feel ignored or misunderstood and therefore judged. My goal is to find people who can understand me without my need to communicate and explain everything all the time.

46) I always wanted to own and run a lolly shop and seriously planned on dropping out of high school to do so.

47) I had a detailed plan of buying a van and travelling up the coast with 3 friends the moment I turned 18. I had the friends and plans when I started high school but when I changed schools those plans went out the window.

48) I always imagined getting married on the beach. Blue and yellow would have been my wedding colours. My actual wedding was on a farm and our colours were navy and silver.

49) My favourite flower growing up were Frangipanis because they’re common near the beach. My teen bedroom was painted blue and yellow and I had frangipani motif curtains. I even put frangipani oil in my hair occasionally. I went on to like yellow roses, which are supposed to represent friendship. Now I love daisies, all my favourite flowers have been common and associated with happiness.

50) When I was scared of vampires as a kid. I later became obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and would carry stakes and crosses around. Mum taught me to learn everything there was to know about the things that scared me in order to get over my fear. I applied this to my fear of dying by beginning to plan my funeral at 7 years old.

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