58: Things I learned from The Office

I love the dry humour of mockumentaries. A Mighty Wind is in my top 10 favourite movies along with Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap, and Waiting for Guffman. Of course I became addicted to Parks and Recreation and fell in love with The Office. I have always struggled to find people who share my love of the Christopher Guest films in the real world; although I know they have a large fan base out there. Luckily the people around me love these television programs and I have been able to watch The Office with my family. It’s so great to have my references recognised by those around me. 

Here is a brief summary I have compiled of Things I learnt from The Office:
You can cure rabies by hosting a fun run.

If you eat a massive serving of carbonara before going for a 5k run, you will vomit.

True love is noticing what flavour yogurt is their favourite.

Pranking is a perfectly acceptable use of company time and is totally appropriate and not at all bullying.

Pizza by Alfredo is disgusting and suffers in comparison to pizza from alfredo’s pizza cafe.

It doesn’t matter how incompetent you are as long as you’re lovable enough.

Miniature cupcakes are a travesty.

If you ruin Christmas you can fix it with 15 bottles of vodka.

Beet farms don’t make a particularly nice b&b but they do make a nice wedding venue.

Everyone you work with will ruin your wedding so you should probably have a plan B. 

Condos are the ultimate real estate.

Pretzel day is the greatest day of all time. 

If you change your name to avoid confusion with one of your co workers then everyone is going to forget your real name including everyone from your past and anyone unrelated to your work place.

Casual Friday is a disaster.

If you sell refrigerators it’s important to make sure everyone you meet knows about it.

Prison is apparently significantly nicer than working at a paper company.

Messing with an elevator isn’t dangerous but gains you respect.

It’s not at all creepy if your boss takes you to Victoria’s Secret.

I’m still not sure which bear truly is best.

iPods ruin secret Santa.

Battlestar Gallactica is about a guy called Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.

Those who can’t farm, farm celery.

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